An Ocean

Love, to me, is an ocean

And I’m drowning

Apologies break through my lips like air bubbles

Anchors in what for you hold me steady

Then you, your smile breaks through the surface like sunbeams, radiating through

Whispers like waves wish me sweet dreams

Rocking me into a lull

As the tide pulls, back and forth

Rising and falling

Gathering more force with every forward motion rising and raising into and tidal wave of emotion then,

Crashing into me, enveloping me

Swallowing “I Love You’s” with full gulps of air

Wet like tears but, not quite as salty

Throwing me back, deep into… this feeling

Where strange things like insecurities lie, disfigured and unusual.

Not as pretty as the surface but, they belong too

Hearing your muffled voice, echoing across the deep, fills my chest

Suddenly I’m weightless, released from the pressure.

Something, happiness, lifts me like floating

I see your smile cascading down, even here

And as I break the surface, I gasp

Lungs full with it, and it keeps me afloat

Something like hope shines on the ripples, the highs and lows

All the same

I’m carried away on the current caressing me with kisses

I’m not sure where, I have no map, no land in sight

Still, I find assurance in the steadiness of the horizon

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