My name is Aubaine Rutland, and if you are wondering how to say that first part, you wouldn’t be the first. Its pronounced “AW-BEN” and it’s French! Its means many things but, my personal favorites are: Godsend, windfall, and boon. All great things like the namesake, me. I have reached two decades of life and am currently in college to receive my associates in visual communications. Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, lets get to the specifics… We’ve all got those special things about us. Those, talents, gifts, or skills we have acquired over time.

Mine are:

Singing I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and want to be singing until I cant. Writing: I write songs, I write poetry, and someday, I want to write stories. Photography: I started taking photos my senior year of high school and since, have fallen heart first into it. It is my main focus of study in school. Modeling: I started modeling about a year ago and I recently finished my training with Barbrizon. Compositing: When I started photography I was introduced to Photoshop.I love putting images together in different way and creating something new. Designing I may not be the most organized person but, I love putting things together and making it look GREAT! 

Photographer: Breona Hawkins